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Art Fair Suomi 19


tack till tulle ruth som fixar så bra med sitt galleri tulle ruth 


Drive-In of Sound Art is an out-door artist-run sound gallery located along the high way. It was first launched in 2013 in a rural district of Råde, in the southern part of Norway where plenty of cars were passing by during the summer. The driver could easily access the gallery by placing the car along the Drive-In, open the window and listen to very profiled sound artists and experience the trip, sounds and landscape in new ways. All the Drive In´s work independently on renewable energy using sun and wind power.
Today there are two different Drive-In’s touring Norway and one touring the Nordic countries. More than fifty sound artists have been exhibited within the past five years.

Art Fair Suomi 19

Art Fair Suomi 19
Takes place in the Caple Factory in Helsinki from 22-26 May, 2019. Drive In of Sound Art is very pleased to be part of this event and looking forward to present a broad variety of sound art by 22 different nordic artists. For the event there will be two mobile tents to present soundart and they can be placed in- and outdoor depending on the weather.

Tent 1 presents the Nordic group:
Maia Urstad
Anna Hedberg
Signe Lidén
Joonas Siren
Trine Hylander Friis
Thurid Jonsdottir
Ane Østergaard
Tine Surel Lange
Luca Forcucci (Switzerland)
Konrad Korabiewski
Hafdis Bjarnadottir

Tent 2 presents the Østfold group:
Linn Halvorsrød
Charlotte Piene
Joakim Blattmann
Johnny Herbert
Kristine Marie Aasvang
Ingvild Langgaard
Sigurd Gurvin and Katarina Skjønsberg
Jonas Qvale
Håvard Øieroset
Søssa Jørgensen

During the fair there are a variety of discussions WONDERINGS at "Book Store" / Merikaapelihalli.

More info:

Supported by OCA

måndag 30 maj 2016

Drive In for Lydkunst i Danmark i samarbete med Land Art Rebild

Tulle Ruth/www.galleriruth.com bjöd in mig att vara med i Drive-in-kiosken under Land Art Rebild i Danmark. Jag deltar med ett nytt ljudkonstverk, lyssna här på Soundcloud:

Vinden för oss - förflyttning och slump

Detta stycke är ett collage av två kvinnors beskrivningar av sina barndomshem. Utifrån deras beskrivningar skapas ett nytt minne, ett nytt möjligt barndomshem.
Stycket handlar också om den stora andelen slump som en ingrediens i formandet av våra liv...

The piece is a collage of two women describing their childhood home, out of their description is made a totally new memory of another possible childhood home. 
The piece is also about the big amount of chance that is involved in the shaping of our lives...

The interviewed are Monika Hedberg and Shler Arif. Thank you!
De intervjuade är: Monika Hedberg och Shler Arif. Stort tack till er!

söndag 1 juni 2014

Vernissage i Fredrikstad, Tulle Ruths Drive In Lydgalleri!

Jag deltar under sommarens ljudutställning på Tulle Ruths Drive In Lydgalleri i Fredrikstad, Norge med ett ljudverk med titeln Triangel. Info på engelska nedan:


I´m creating a fictitious house in Fredrikstad, by combining descriptions of two houses in two different rural places in western Sweden. These two places are forming the shape of triangle together with Fredrikstad. 

A man is describing a house in Skillingsfors, Värmland - a big old farmhouse with portraits of the former inhabitants on the walls in the dining room with it´s painted ceiling and iron stove. The portraits are looking at you, with the kind of eyes that tell you to do better! The house has been in the man´s family for hundreds of years, and after a period of complex ownership and tension, the farmhouse is now taken care of by one of the relatives. 

A woman is describing a house in Hedekas, Bohuslän. It´s an old house where the woman spent one summer with her parents who invested a lot of dreams and hopes in this house. But, of that came nothing. Instead that house became a symbol of failure and disappointment in her family.

Combining these two descriptions I am creating a third house in Fredrikstad, a house that is floating in a dreamworld - free from guilt, conflicts and crashed dreams.

Link to the piece at SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/annahedberg/triangel-annahedberg 

söndag 13 april 2014


Schnee-klocka! Ljudkonst-performance på Hola Folkhögskola 13 april 2014. Medverkande: Alveola Ämting, Alva Lindau & Anna Hedberg.

fredag 4 april 2014

På broderikurs på Kaleido!

 På en workshop i fritt broderi på Kaleido i Uppsala. Roligt och något helt annat än det jag brukar göra :)

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