söndag 1 juni 2014

Vernissage i Fredrikstad, Tulle Ruths Drive In Lydgalleri!

Jag deltar under sommarens ljudutställning på Tulle Ruths Drive In Lydgalleri i Fredrikstad, Norge med ett ljudverk med titeln Triangel. Info på engelska nedan:


I´m creating a fictitious house in Fredrikstad, by combining descriptions of two houses in two different rural places in western Sweden. These two places are forming the shape of triangle together with Fredrikstad. 

A man is describing a house in Skillingsfors, Värmland - a big old farmhouse with portraits of the former inhabitants on the walls in the dining room with it´s painted ceiling and iron stove. The portraits are looking at you, with the kind of eyes that tell you to do better! The house has been in the man´s family for hundreds of years, and after a period of complex ownership and tension, the farmhouse is now taken care of by one of the relatives. 

A woman is describing a house in Hedekas, Bohuslän. It´s an old house where the woman spent one summer with her parents who invested a lot of dreams and hopes in this house. But, of that came nothing. Instead that house became a symbol of failure and disappointment in her family.

Combining these two descriptions I am creating a third house in Fredrikstad, a house that is floating in a dreamworld - free from guilt, conflicts and crashed dreams.

Link to the piece at SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/annahedberg/triangel-annahedberg 

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